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Fragaria moschata - Hautbois Strawberry

Synonyms:F. elatior.
Range:C. Europe. Perhaps occasionally naturalized in Britain.
Fragaria moschata (Hautbois Strawberry) is a Perennial which grows to a height of 0.45m . It has a hardness rating of 6and is vunerable to frost.
Hautbois Strawberry will flower in October to January. the seeds ripen from December to February
The flowers from this plant are hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and they are pollinated by Insects

Soil Information

Hautbois Strawberry will grow in light (sandy),medium (loamy),hard (clay) soil. It is / is important for the soil to be well drained.
The soil prefers the following PH / acid levels :
- pH of less than 6, Acidic soils
- pH between 6 and 8, Neutral soils
- pH greater than 8, Basic soils
Hautbois Strawberry prefers moist soils

Ideal Planting Locations

Hautbois Strawberry can grow in semi or areas with no shade.

Forests and shrubberies, and amongst tall grass[74].

Planting places suited to this plant described below.

Cultivation Details

Prefers a fertile, well-drained, moisture retentive soil in a sunny position[200]. Tolerates semi-shade though fruit production will be reduced[38]. Another report says that this species prefers shade[74]. Succeeds in acid and alkaline soils[38]. Likes a mulch of pine or spruce leaves[18, 24]. At one time this species was widely cultivated for its edible fruit, but it is fairly low yielding and has now been almost totally superseded by cultivars of F. x. ananassa[17]. There are some named varieties[183]. The flowers are usually unisexual[200]. (This report does not say if the plants are dioecious or monoecious.) This species produces few or no stolons[200].

Edible Uses*

* See disclaimer
Edible Rating: 4/5
Fruit - raw. Sweet and succulent. The fruit is small but has an excellent flavour and is very aromatic[61, 142, 183, K]. It is greatly superior to the cultivated strawberries, but is not very freely produced[K].

Medicinal Uses*

* See disclaimer
Medicinal Rating: 0/5
None known


Seed - sow early spring in a greenhouse. The seed can take 4 weeks or more to germinate. The seedlings are very small and slow-growing at first, but then grow rapidly. Prick them out into individual pots when they are large enough to handle and plant them out during the summer. Division of runners, preferably done in July/August in order to allow the plants to become established for the following years crop[200]. They can also be moved in the following spring if required, though should not then be allowed to fruit in their first year. The runners can be planted out direct into their permanent positions.

Known Hazards

None known

Other Uses

An excellent ground cover plant, spreading vigorously by means of surface stolons and forming a dense carpet of growth[K]. It grows well amongst shrubs but is likely to suffocate smaller plants[K].


'Capron' - The small deep red fruit has a very good aromatic distinctively musky flavour[183]. A medium-size plant, it is moderately vigorous but somewhat unproductive due to pollination difficulties[183].
'Profumata di Tortona' - The small deep red fruit has a very good aromatic distinctly musky flavour[183]. The large plants are very vigorous but relatively unproductive[183].


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